The Alumni Network offers all Semi-finalists, Finalists and Winners of the Competition a platform to network and exchange on social innovation related matters beyond their Competition cycle. In order to increase transparency and to give all of them the visibility they deserve as change-makers, an official repository has been created.

Who is eligible to become part of the Alumni Network?

Up to three representatives from each of the Semi-finalist, Finalist and Winner teams of the European Social Innovation Competition have the possibility to enter the Alumni Network after the end of the cycle of the Competition they took part in.

Benefits of the Alumni Network

Visibility and recognition

  • All Alumni will have their profile published on the Competition website, on an official Alumni repository page.
  • All Alumni receive branded social media ‘banners’ and a website ‘badge,’ to showcase their success in the competition and the stage they reached.

Information sharing on social innovation and networking opportunities

  • All Alumni receive information about upcoming events on social innovation and have the possibility to showcase their social-innovation-related work through Competition channels such as events, newsletters and social media platforms.
  • All Alumni are invited to join a closed LinkedIn group, to share information about their social innovation initiatives and network with other like-minded innovators from all over Europe.