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What is the European Social Innovation Competition?

Launched in memory of social innovation pioneer Diogo Vasconcelos, the European Social Innovation Competition is a Competition run by the European Commission, with the support from the EIC across all EU Member States and Horizon Europe associated countries. Each year, three €50,000 prizes are awarded by the European Commission for the best socially innovative projects designed to change the world for the better.

The European Social Innovation Competition is supported of a consortium of organisations from across Europe. The consortium is led by Nesta Challenges and includes Euclid NetworkGOPA Com. and Ashoka Spain.

The Competition launched in 2013 and acts as a beacon for social innovators across Europe, employing a proven methodology for supporting early-stage ideas and facilitating a network of radical innovators shaping our society for the better. Each year the Competition addresses a different issue facing Europe.

The 2021 edition is:

SKILLS FOR TOMORROW – Shaping a green and digital future
(The Competition was open for entries from 8th April – 12th May 2021)
We are currently closed for entries

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2021 Challenge Prize Journey

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(April – May 2021)

  • 8th April 2021: The 2021 edition of the Competition is opening to entries. We’ll be delivering a series of webinars throughout the entry period, to provide potential entrants with a comprehensive overview of both the Competition’s theme, sub-themes and application process.
  • 12th May 2021: The Entry Period closes.

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(July to September 2021)

  • July 2021: Our 30 semi-finalists are announced
  • July – September 2021: Our semi-finalists receive a comprehensive package of support from experienced social innovators to further the development of their ideas. This includes our Social Innovation Academy, a multi-day training event that connects our semi-finalists to a wider community of European social innovators.

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(October to November 2021)

  • September 2021 : Semi-finalists submit their Detailed Development Plans, outlining how they will successfully launch and scale their idea
  • November 2021: Our 10 finalists are announced. Finalists receive further training, including webinars from international experts and continued support from their coach. They are also given an opportunity to raise awareness of their project by pitching it live during our Awards Ceremony.

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(December 2021)

  • December 2021: The Awards Ceremony takes place where three winners – each receiving a 50,000 Euro cash prize – are announced.