Podcast Episodes Five and Six Released

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Episode Five – How to wear waste

Fast fashion might be cheap, but it comes with an environmental and social cost. The European Commission’s 2020 “European Social Innovation Competition” gives young entrepreneurs the chance to pitch ideas to radically change the fashion industry towards increased sustainability.

Existing recycling processes go some way in saving clothes from the fire, but there is potential for much more to be rescued. Ideas from our semi-finalists include Kleiderly’s new recycling process that produces a durable material that can replace oil-based plastics; Love your Denim, which repairs old jeans or transforms them into a recyclable yarn; and Woolways, who are finding a home for Romania’s wool waste. 

Episode Five is about how to wear waste. Listen to our four semi-finalists discuss chemical engineering, staying local, and the truth about upcycling.

In Episode Six, we cast our eyes on sustainable dyes.

Typically, the dyes used to brighten up our clothes leave more than just colour behind. They can damage ecosystems by turning rivers inky blue, and the chemicals can harm workers’ skin – all while creating a huge waste water footprintBut by combining science and nature, another way is possible.

Vividye have developed a way to re-dye clothes to give them new life, while Dyeluxe turns food waste into bright coloured dyes and Novel Dyes for Water-free Dyeing of Biofibers can dye clothes without water.

Episode Six now live.