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  • Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen

    Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen

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16 Sep 2020

Fast fashion might be cheap, but it comes with an environmental and social cost. The European Commission’s 2020 “European Social Innovation Competition” gives young entrepreneurs the chance to pitch ideas to radically change the fashion industry towards increased sustainability.

In this podcast we talk to some of this years semi-finalists who have come up with technological solutions that can prevent waste and shift those buying and making clothes towards ‘less’.

MYFACTORI uses AI to limit excess production, while Snake uses augmented reality to reduce demand for physical clothes. To help people shop smarter rather than faster, Choozfit offers personal recommendations that help people find sustainable styles that suit them and Senstile uses AI to make online fashion tactile, so people fall in love with the clothes they buy.

Irene Lionetti, who runs Edith – an app that helps users make the most of their existing wardrobe instead of buying more, says “I believe that technology can play a key role when it comes to fair fashion because it can help, first of all, with reducing [fashion’s] environmental impact in different ways. With our technology we want to make sure that what already exists will be used enough.”


Episode three is all about the tech that’s revolutionising the way we consume fashion.