The European Social Innovation Podcast

10 Sep 2020

You’ve read about our 30 brilliant Social Innovation Competition Semi-Finalists – now you can listen to them in our brand new podcast! We’re releasing a series of in depth interviews with the people behind each social innovation project, so you can find out more about how the fashion world is being reimagined – directly from the people who are doing it.

Episode one is all about fabrics – or rather, about how we can ensure the material with which we produce fashion can be created, used – or re-used in a sustainable way. Ali from Hepcell, Theresa from Alma, Ludovic from Pulp Fashion, Aniela from MycoTex and Cedric from Resortecs take listeners through the unique ways in which their sustainable fashion businesses are creating materials that customers can be proud to wear (you can also read about their ideas here).

In Episode two, we speak to fashion entrepreneurs who are enabling us to put our planet first,. Magdalena from Swap Shop, Ramla from Shuffle Swaps, Robina from RE-NT and Melanie from BYBROWN explain how their concepts mean that trends don’t have to be fast and how consumers can get their fashion fix in a sustainable way (you can also read about their ideas here).

Later in the series, released throughout September, we find out about fashion tech, upcycling, dyes and the myriad of other ways in which our Semi-Finalists are challenging the concept of fast fashion. Listen to episode one – and subscribe – on Apple Podcasts, Acast or Soundcloud.

See the full list of episodes below:

Episode name: The future of sustainable fabrics
Topic: New materials
Interviewees: Alma, Hempcell, MycoTEX, resortecs, Pulp Fashion

Episode name: Go for green
Topic: Changing behavior
Interviewees: BYBROWN’s Transposable Circular Raincoat, RE-NT, Reinventing Copenhagen Fashion Week, Shuffle Swaps, Style Your Stay*, Swap Shop

Episode name: Techie, but trendy
Topic: Tech
Interviewees: ChoozFit, Edith, Fluid Fashion Realities*, MYFACTORI, SENSTILE: The future is tactile, Snake

Episode name: Transparent tailoring
Topic: New Techniques
Interviewees: Cultural Sustainability in Fashion, Fairbrics, MeuTeu Co-design Lab

Episode name: How to wear waste
Topic: Upcycling/reducing waste
Interviewees: Kleiderly, Love your Denim, ROND*: CO2 reduced soles from discarded fabric, Vintage for a Cause, WasteLess Fashion, WoolWays

Episode name: All eyes on dyes
Topic: dyes
Interviewees: Vividye: Reversible colouring for textiles, Dyeluxe, Novel Dyes for Water-free Dyeing of Biofibers, Post Carbon Fashion