Beyond traditional skills – boosting creativity and leadership for a systemic social change

  • Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen

    Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen

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12 Apr 2021

As the first of the 2021 European Social Innovation Competition’s Launch Webinars series, this webinar kicks things off with a conversation with Daniela Papi-Thornton. The webinar will look at what we mean when we talk about ‘non-traditional’ skills. The discussion will provide a fresh perspective on skills, and help attendees gain a better understanding of non-traditional competencies. This might include skills in areas such as creative, relational, and systems thinking.

What skills will be important for the 21st century social innovator? The discussion will explore skills for tomorrow and outline how new ways of thinking and interacting will be crucial in markets and societies that are constantly changing and are being challenged by old and new crises.

During her presentation, Daniela will offer an overview of the sorts of new skills and mindsets needed by contemporary society from innovators and social entrepreneurs who want to generate positive change with their business ideas. The discussion will also examine how we can apply these non-traditional skills and mindsets to a new idea of economy and society.

Participants will learn about the importance of integrating and fostering non-traditional skills and mindsets when designing and developing innovative training solutions. They will also gain understanding about how these competencies are more and more important to cope with complexity, and how they can foster resilience in a time of fast-changing educational needs.

Finally, the webinar will explore how to transfer non-traditional skills to people and examine some of the innovative educational solutions needed to do so. In addition to suggesting how to impart these ‘skills for tomorrow’, the speaker will explore why it is so important to promote them, in the wake of the green and digital transition advocated by the European Commission.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to get the information you need to improve your application.

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