The 2020 Playbook
for Social Innovation


This Playbook for Social Innovation has been created for the 2020 European Social Innovation Competition. Over the last few years, the European Social Innovation Competition has mobilised thousands of Europeans in an effort to create more economic, social and environmental value in our communities. At its core, social innovation is about coming up with new responses to societal needs and problems. This playbook aims to support social innovators, those who are on a quest to create social change, for example, by starting up a social venture.

You might not have thought of yourself as a social innovator before. Instead, you might see yourself as a fashion pioneer, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a changemaker, or just as someone with an idea or ambition. Social innovation has grown in prominence over the last decade both as a term and as an important driver of social change. We consider social innovations to be ‘new ideas (products, services, and models) that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations’.

With this Playbook, our aim is to make you more familiar with social innovation, and how it can inform, shape and catalyse your journey in tackling social challenges.

Ultimately, social innovators like yourselves are the key actors that help change, transform and empower society.