Judging panel

Find out who our judges are

The European Social Innovation Competition selects 12 Judges every year to sit on the Judging Panel. As a group, these Judges offer a wealth of experience and insights, covering social innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as technical expertise addressing the year’s theme. They review the applications and through their collective voice, they determine which entrants are taken forward to later stages of the Competition, firstly as Semi-Finalists, then as Finalists, and ultimately as winners. The Judging Panel returns the following year to review applications for the Impact Prize.

Meet our 2020 judges

Anita Hrast - Inštitut za razvoj družbene odgovornosti (Slovenia)

Anita is founder and general manager of IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (www.irdo.si) and co-founder of Slovene award for Social Responsibility Horus.  She works in social responsibility and impact measurement and develops new methods and services for different client companies, NGO’s and governments.

Anna Fiscale, Progetto Quid (Italy)

Anna founded Quid in 2013. In 2014 Quid won 1st prize at the European Social Innovation Competition, in 2017 it won the Women for Results UN Momentum for Change Award, in 2018 the European Women Innovator Prize. Today Quid employs 140 workers, mostly women with a fragile background and produces more than 100.000 clothes every year.

Bert Van Son, MUD Jeans (The Netherlands)

Founder and CEO of MUD Jeans. The company allows customers to shop guilt free and do good for the environment. In 2012 he started the idea “Lease A Jeans”, a concept that makes it possible for customers to use jeans and give them back after use, allowing customers to renew their wardrobe, while MUD makes sure the materials will be recycled.

Carrie Ann Moran, NCBI (Ireland)

Carrie Ann is an award-winning Irish social entrepreneur, recognised nationally as a leading voice on circular fashion. For 15 years, Carrie Ann has pushed sustainable fashion in Ireland, gaining recognition for her industry perspective and her pragmatic approach to embedding sustainability and circularity themes into the mainstream.

Federica Massa Saluzzo, EADA business school (Spain)

Federica joined EADA in 2016 where she teaches strategic management and sustainability. Her research examines social value, with focus on the fashion industry. In the last 10 years she has been actively promoting a deeper understanding of sustainable fashion among multiple actors and through multiple means.

Fredrik Timour, Swedish Fashion Council (Sweden)

Fredrik has a broad, deep and holistic perspective to digital fashion.
He works setting up a new innovation center for fashion and is part of the national platform for sustainable fashion. 
Fredrik is the founder of Neue, a platform for digital fashion development including both hardware, software and cloud services, for fashion brands and end user applications.

Jaan Aps, Stories for Impact (Estonia)

Jaan has been a key person in developing the practices of societal impact analysis and social entrepreneurship in the Baltic region since 2006. His social business Stories For Impact provides practical solutions for social and environmental impact management and he teaches at an international MA Programme of Social Entrepreneurship at Tallinn University.

John Pitsakis, 3QUARTERS (Greece)

Co-founded sustainable fashion brand 3QUARTERS in 2015. 3QUARTERS is one of the first sustainable fashion brands in Greece and quickly established itself as an innovator in the field of up-cycling. In 2019 he was awarded a Common Objective Leadership Award, as one of the brands that have ‘the courage to do the right thing – and doing it well.

Jonas Eder-Hansen, Global Fashion Agenda (Denmark)

GFA is a leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion. Jonas leads on government affairs, policy and stakeholder engagement, and the creation of impactful industry commitments. As well as this, he also spearheaded GFA’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, to take action on circularity in fashion.

Pavlína Louženská, Consultant (Czech Republic)

Pavlína is a Marketing and Business Consultant with focus on technology and fashion. She a Lead Mentor in Google, as well as in various European accelerators. She founded #HolkyzMarketingu, a female empowerment community which currently unites 20 000+ women. She is a Transparency International Board member.

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Aalto University (Finland)

Pirjo is working in design and material sciences. She has been developing CHEMARTS, a collaboration between chemical engineering and design since 2011, focusing on the research of bio-based materials. She is involved in a development of new sustainable production and recycling methods, and part of a team exploring textile production through biotechnology.

Sebastian Thies, NAT-2 (Germany)

Sebastian, 6th generation footwear professional and founder/designer of high-end, sustainable sneaker brand nat-2™. nat-2™ is a highly progressive brand challenging the big players in the business by being a step ahead and truly high fashion, while still being leisure`n down to earth. The London Designmuseum has quoted nat-2™ as “one of the 50 shoes that changed the world” in its books.