How will your

application be

What are the judges looking for?

Degree of Innovation

The degree to which any new product, service or model addresses unmet needs more effectively. Critically, the idea must be new and innovative within its given socio-economic and geographical context.


The potential of the proposed idea to tackle the issue outlined in the challenge statement. The entrant should demonstrate a clear definition of the problem their idea solves and for whom, feeding into a well-elaborated theory of change.


The financial and environmental sustainability of the idea, as well as the potential for adequacy and uptake stemming from the development of the idea carried out with users, from first concept, through testing, validation and business modelling.


The idea’s growth potential and potential to scale and be replicated throughout Europe.

Competition Phases (click & scroll to the right)

Phase 1

30 semi-finalists will receive mentoring support and further progress their ideas. Semi-Finalists will be invited to the Competition’s social innovation academy, a multi-day training event that connects Semi-Finalists to a wider community of European social innovators through a series of dedicated presentations and workshops. This year the academy will take place online, offering the same programme in a collaborative and digital format. Semi-Finalists will be connected with a coach for one-to-one mentoring and a pool of experts for tailored advice on specific aspects of launching their social venture.

Phase 2

Semi-Finalists receive further remote training, including webinars from international experts and receive continued support from their coach.
They are also given an opportunity to raise awareness of their project by pitching it live the Awards announcement.

Out of the 30 semi-finalists, 10 finalists will be invited to the awards announcement, where the three final winners will be announced and receive a prize of €50,000 each.

Phase 3

In 2021, the competition will reopen for submissions for the 2021 Impact Prize. All 2020 Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Winners are eligible to enter and the competition will award the 2020 project that will have achieved the most significant results with an ‘impact prize’ of €50,000.

All entrants will submit an Impact Report, which will be used to determine their eligibility and impact, and select the winner of the prize.

The full Rules of Contest are available on the
European Commission’s official website