Diogo Vasconcelos was a Portuguese leader who focused on fostering innovation to address some of the great societal challenges of our time.

During his career he worked closely with the European Commission and others on issues such as globalisation, sustainability and climate change, urbanisation, democratic participation, public services and healthcare.

Diogo was chairman of the Social Innovation Exchange and also launched the Entrepreneurs Academy among other accomplishments. He passed away in July 2011 at the age of 43.

To keep Diogo’s ambitions alive, the European Commission established the European Social Innovation Competition to inspire entrepreneurs across the continent to continue developing ideas that tackle the challenges our society faces.


    2019: Challenging Plastic Waste

    The 7th European Social Innovation Competition:

    Ideas that reduce plastic waste and littering through changing and improving existing processes or through introducing brand-new products and initiatives.

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    2018: Rethink Local

    The 6th European Social Innovation Competition:

    Place based approaches to empowering young people in a changing economy

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    2017: Equality Rebooted

    The 5th European Social Innovation Competition:

    Ideas to ensure everyone in Europe benefits from the opportunities created by technological changes

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    2016: Integrated Futures

    The 4th European Social Innovation Competition:

    Projects to support the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Europe

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    2015: New ways to grow

    The 3rd European Social Innovation Competition:

    Sustainable approaches to increasing financial growth and social progress

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    2014: More jobs for Europe

    The 2nd European Social Innovation Competition:

    Initiatives that create new or better jobs in Europe

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    2013: Jobs for the economically deprived

    The 1st European Social Innovation Competition

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