Impact Prize 2017

The Impact Prize is now open to all semi-finalists from the 2016 competition – ‘Integrated Futures’.

The Impact Prize will award €50,000 to the semi-finalist that achieves the most significant, measurable impact in the year following the submission of the detailed business plan in September 2016.

Eligible entrants will be contacted by email with details of how to submit an entry for the Impact Prize. The submission deadline is 24 August 2017, 12:00 noon Brussels time. Entries will be judged by the jury panel from the 2016 competition.

The Impact Prize was first awarded in 2016. It was open to the semi-finalists from the 2015 competition – ‘New Ways to Grow’. The winner was Love your waste, a social enterprise from France fighting food waste.

Love your waste receiving the Impact Prize at the 2016 awards ceremony